Once your application has been approved, we will need to know how we can transfer your earnings to you. 

Rapidus currently supports Stripe (that enables payments to your checking bank account) and Paypal. You have to open accounts directly with Stripe and Paypal, accordingly. Rapidus cannot do it for you, and for security reasons, we have no access to your financial information.

If you decide to use Stripe, we will transfer payments directly to your Stripe account once you complete the delivery, however, it might take 3-5 business days for the payment to get cleared and transferred to your checking account. You can check your balance instantly using Stripe.

If you decide to use Paypal, you can check your earnings instantly on the Rapidus settings page, and we will transfer your payments weekly, usually on Mondays, for your funds to be available immediately on your Paypal balance. (For the highest-rated and high-performing partners, we enable on-demand withdrawals.)

Please go to https://delivery.rapidus.com/driver/account and click the "Connect with PayPal or Stripe" button.

For the Stripe, please see the instructions in the PDF attached.